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A community membership for those ready to unlock their next level of work + life fulfilment.

The Membership

A supportive community space with 2x live video workshops per month, as well as ongoing community support, to work through the habits + beliefs no longer serving us, in order to build up the mindset + confidence to go after the next-level work + life reality we truly desire for ourselves 🪄

This work will be very much focused on enhancing our Mon-Fri quality of life in particular, as this makes up >70% of our lived experience in life + is notoriously the area that holds the most conditioning + everyday stressors, due to the difficult nature of harmonising what are often conflicting work demands + life desires. This work is truly life-changing 🍀

The two live video workshops per month will have a monthly theme + include one call focused on releasing the patterns + beliefs that no longer serve us around that theme to make room for shifts + growth, as well as one call focused on building the new habits + convictions to build that next level of fulfilment we desire to call in for ourselves. There will be recordings for all calls if you cannot make it live.

Beyond the live calls, the membership community will be the perfect space to exchange thoughts + life experiences with the follow members, access the growing library of self-pace personal development tools, and receive group coaching from me via the weekly themed threads I am posting throughout each month.

There will also be a complimentary 🇩🇪-speaking bonus call each month, as well as a bonus in-person event for those in the same place as me each month - this can be any global location but is likely to include Greater London (UK) + Rhein-Main (Germany) on multiple occasions next year. I will try my best to make it to near you throughout 2023 😊

Overall, this membership is designed to be an accessible + supportive space for those that desire to uplevel their overall quality of life, particularly Mon-Fri, and desire to do so as part of a safe, accountable + like-minded community. This space is particularly suitable for those that have either not been in a group or 1:1 personal development space yet at all, and those that have been in such spaces before but have not been able to fully move from a 'knowledge-gathering' to a 'living + breathing' place on their personal development journey just yet.

I am so honoured + excited to hold space for you throughout 2023, and to open you up to what it truly feels like to live + breathe what you desire, freely without compromise 💕

Lots of love x

Anja J

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